• About Us

    Insyncs - Applications Development, Business Process Management, Consulting, Technology and Outsourcing.

    Insyncs is an Information Technology and technical consulting Company.

    We cover all the horizons of Software Development that Applications Development – Mobile and Desktop , Web Development, Database Management and Administration, Business Intelligence, Geographic Information System ,Infrastructure Management, E-Commerce , Cloud Computing , Quality Testing, Business Analysis Consulting , Business Process Management (BPM) , Change Management, Strategy Management Consulting , Risk Management , Pre-Sales Consulting, Supply Change Management , Workforce Management , Taxation Consulting , Web Digital Marketing, Business Process Outsource (BPO) , Knowledge Process Outsource (KPO), Recruitment Process Outsource (RPO), Staff Augmentation, Call Centers , Back Office - Information Technology Enable Services , Legal Process Outsource (LPO) , Resume Writing – Preparation , Background Verification.

    We strongly recommended Agile Methodology of Software Development Life Cycle. Even though some of our Stockholders love to work with us on Traditional Methodology like: Prototypes, Waterfall, Spiral, and V-Model

    We at Insyncs, able to decrease project development efforts and period, so our stakeholder’s project development prices.

    A separate team of software package architects develops and improves design parts that area unit the proposition of client’s Software Project. The best brains of our technology unit offered to our stakeholder’s projects. Human Component is at the center of offshore data Technology Development.
    In our company we've organized smart science lab and coaching facilities. It allows us to search out, select, and use the simplest technical specialists and managers offered.

    Our in depth network, experience, contacts provides you to satisfy our Stakeholder’s project necessities with our adept professionals. With the dynamic combination of technical and leadership skills, our technical consultants work for our valuable clients (Fortune five hundred corporations ) across the world.

    We offer in depth support for current technologies and project management with committed quality of service.

    Insyncs strongly believe in the power of creativity that makes us and our stakeholder a better tomorrow. We target to power creative solutions. Our SME helps us to gain sharper insights into various domains across Globe . We have our own proven Global Delivery Model. This gives us wings to be the perfect global service provider with outsourcing initiatives.

    Insyncs focuses on the project implementation and current support of our stakeholder’s technology desires. Our in depth expertise and enormous SME speaks volumes concerning our focus and experience in Applications and more over knowledge-based tools.

    We notice that trust and communication area unit the inspiration upon that nice relationships area unit primarily based, that is why we attempt to take care of our clients’ trust moreover as specialize in proactive communication. Our diligent follow-up at the side of continuing support and concern brings our Client’s long run success.

    Finally, one amongst the foremost necessary variations is that we tend to focus equally on individuals and processes because the tools and technology concerned within the solutions we bring our purchasers , this allows us to develop enduring relationships with our clients whereas viewing their distinctive business challenges and opportunities as our own.


    Vision and Mission

    Our Road map starts with our mission, to achieve excellence in project execution, quality, reliability, safety and technical and operational efficiency .


    Insyncs came to the Business World on 27th December 2004.

    It has been set by its Proprietor to solve the initial Web Design Solutions for its Clients in Indian Domestic Market.

    Slowly and Steady, It Started Spreading Wings to the other Economic Zone of the Globe like Middle East Asia and Far – East Asia.

    Insyncs has gone through many ups and downs especially at the time of Global Economic Recession during 2009 -2010.

    In 2011 Company Stocks and Stakeholders around World started decreasing and the process continue till 2012 December.

    Somehow Company holds its breath by making liable Partnership with some of the leading Consulting firm of the World.

    And in 2013 August, Kumar Brothers resurrected the Company by extra investment and by their Excellent Professional skills.

    They gave new identity to the company starting from a national level corporation to multi national corporation having Headquarter in the United States .

    Same time, They invested in CANADA market and gives extra wings to Insyncs.

    Now Insyncs operates more than 5 Business Centers across USA and CANADA.

    The Major Focus remains the same Says by Kumar Brothers : we will be delivering Information Technology Solution to the World.

    Rather than that under their Supervision, So many new Projects and Business lines came and joins with Insyncs.

    And now Insyncs not only Serving as an IT – Information Technology Company but also it Serves various mode of Consulting and Outsourcing as well.

    At Present Insyncs having more Business Centers in India as well as 6 Continents around the GLOBE , And works 24/7*365 Days Per Year.

    The new tag line came to the world and it says: Insyncs – Applications Development, Business Process Management, Technology, Consulting and Outsourcing.


    Software Development Life Cycle – SDLC

    Insyncs focus more structured, engineering-based approach to developing business solutions, we, develop software piece-by-piece. That’s make us perfect and outstanding in our Services around the GLOBE.

    We at Insyncs Strongly recommended Agile methodologies for software development which always start from the grassroots process like Enterprises Analysis, Analyzing the Stakeholder Requirements, Market and GAP research, Gathering requirements through various techniques for the proposed business solution, Devising a plan or design for the software-based solution, Implementation and coding of the software , Validation and Testing, Deployment and at last Maintenance .

    These stages are referred by our SME – Subject Matter Expert. Our approaches to software development may carry out these stages in different orders, or devote more or less time to different stages.

    The level of detail of the documentation produced at each stage of software development may also vary as per Stakeholder’s Demand and Requirements

    Insyncs also entertain Traditional Methodologies of SDLC like: “Waterfall” , V- Model and Spiral Model.
    These methodology are may be repeated over various cycles and approach . Insyncs approach involves only for less time spent on planning and documentation, and more time spent on coding and development of software and Testing .

    Insyncs also promote continuous testing of all developed software throughout the development lifecycle, as well as having a working product at all times.

    Insyncs “Waterfall” approaches attempt to assess the majority of risks and develop a detailed plan for the software before implementation and more over coding begins
    Al these caution we follow to avoid significant design changes and re-coding in later stages of the software development life cycle planning.

    Insyncs understood and provide solutions effectively and well planned out ahead of time.

    At Insyncs, Our Clients experiences the software development process is a structure imposed on the development of a software product.


    Web Development

    Insyncs Web development dedicated to the Internet World which includes World Wide Web or an intranet (a private network).

    We make transformation, of a single strategic page of plain text to the most wonderful and professional web Page through internet applications, electronic businesses, and social network services. Our outstanding services include web design, web content development, client liaison, client-side/server-side scripting, web server and network security configuration, and e-commerce development.

    Insyncs use various platforms for web development. That includes the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP), WYSIWYG web-development software, Adobe Dreamweaver, WebDev, and Microsoft Expression Studio and with HyperText Markup Language (HTML)

    We, normally interact with online applications to create new content and allow us the opportunities to decentralize information and media distribution.

    Insyncs widely work on Web applications such as Word Press Joomla, Drupal, XOOPS, and TYPO3, Alfresco .

    Insyncs, Ajax Asynchronous JavaScript gives new methods of using JavaScript, and improves the user experience. Flash Adobe Flash Player used by Insyncs to make sure all browser plugins are ready for Rich Internet Applications.

    Insyncs JavaScript gives more freedom to our client side platform for creating and delivering rich web applications. We make sure that all our JavaScript developed Webpage should run on all types of devices.
    JQuery Applications of Insyncs gives our stakeholder’s browser a JavaScript library and we designed to simplify and speed up the client-side scripting of HTML.

    Insyncs widely work with Microsoft Silverlight for different browser plugin that enables animation, vector graphics and high-definition video playback.

    Normally we use XAML and .NET programming languages.

    All our expert Level of Insyncs Web Developer work with HTML5 and CSS3 , HTML, and frameworks that include Flash and Silverlight

    Insyncs provides Server side coding on ASP (Microsoft proprietary) , ActiveVFP (open source) , CSP, Server-Side ANSI C , ColdFusion , Erlang, Linux, Yaws, Mnesia, Erlang (LYME) , Groovy (programming language) Grails (framework) , Java, Java EE or WebObjects , Lotus Domino , Perl, Catalyst, PHP , Python , Real Studio , Ruby, Smalltalk e.g. Seaside, AIDA/Web , Server-Side JavaScript, WebDNA , Websphere , .NET and .NET MVC Frameworks (Microsoft proprietary)

    Insyncs , web engineering actively provides systematic, disciplined and quantifiable approaches for successful development .

    Insyncs, Web engineering is multidisciplinary and encompasses. We focus more on systems analysis and design, hypertext, user interface, information engineering, indexing and retrieval, testing, modeling and simulation.

    We at Insyncs, make web development encompasses with all new approaches, methodologies, tools, techniques, and guidelines to meet our Client’s requirements for web-based applications.

    Our Web development is dedicated and generally split up into client side coding, covering aspects which includes layout and design.

    Insyncs, constantly keep eyes on many security aspects begging from data entry error checking through forms, filtering output, and encryption. Some of our server environment commonly Apache or Microsoft IIS where scripting language, such as PHP, Ruby, Python, Perl or ASP runs.

    We are also responsible to keeping a web server safe so we trust and work with only Secure Socket Layer Encryption (SSL) Certificates issued by certificate authorities.

    Insyncs, understand either our clients is just starting or an established brand, our in-house web developers creates a beautiful web design and build our stakeholder’s website to suit your budget and branding requirements.

    We agree that our client’s website is a vital part of their precious business so before we take any new web develop project, we take the time to understand our customers’ business requirement in details.
    Now a Days, Wen has become basic ingredient for growing businesses.

    We never feel Web Develop is just simple graphics or write-ups giving, So, we at Insyncs, don’t simple don’t design, we add lot of value and expertise to make sure it is a business generating stream for all our stakeholders.

    We at Insyncs , Develop Webpage and make sure that it is a Quality of Web design with Effective Marketing Tool , Guarantees satisfaction, Customer Loyalty.

    The Simple Methodology we follow to develop a webpage is start with Business Analysis which include research , Creative Design which include Transforming research into insight and then a valuable strategy , Dynamic Application Development – Execution , Quality Assurance and Online Promotion which is Publish

    We utilize a distinctive methodology which brings clarity to the development process with Web Application Development.

    We make Project specification is simplified and our communication plan always make a transparency relation between team members and Concern Stakeholder.

    Our web development team make sure that your site loads quickly and that it is built for SEO (search engine optimization).

    Insyncs - Applications Development, Business Process Management, Consulting, Technology and Outsourcing.
  • Database Administration

    Insyncs Database Administration Provides managing and maintaining database management systems software. We are specialized on database administration such as Oracle, IBM DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server .

    Insyncs take care Database installation, configuration, upgrade, administration, monitoring and maintenance of its Valuable clients’ Project with implement security measures to safeguard the database.

    We at Insyncs, facilitated the database management system solutions, and if specialist is needed, We dedicated to database management.

    Insyncs Systems Database Administration focus on the physical aspects of database administration such as DBMS installation, configuration, patching, upgrades, backups, restores, refreshes, performance optimization, maintenance and disaster recovery.

    Insyncs Development Database Administration provides logical and development aspects of database administration with data model and maintenance. We create data definition language generation, SQL writing and tuning, coding stored procedures.

    Application Database Administration of Insyncs make organizations and Enterprise date flexible and secure. It widely uses on enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management systems.

    Our database make a connection between DBMS and the application software. We manage all the application components that interact with the database and carry out activities.

    We also provide maintenance services to our client that may be application installation and patching, application upgrades, database cloning, building and running data cleanup routines, data load process management .

    Insyncs Understand that Database administration work is complex, repetitive, time-Taking . Here at Insyncs , We Provide and support our Stakeholder Database administration during off-hours and 24/7/365.

    Our history says that We never seen the face of failure in database management Because we agree “if” but a case of “when” a database suffers a failure, ranging from a simple failure to a full catastrophic failure.

    We manage DBMS by implementing all those native tools that may be include Microsoft SQL Server comes with SQL Server Enterprise Manager and Oracle has tools such as SQL*Plus and Oracle Enterprise Manager/Grid Control.

    Also we entertain 3rd parties such as BMC, Quest Software, Embroiderer Technologies, EMS Database Management Solutions and SQL Maestro Group offer GUI tools to monitor and maintain the DBMS. By using the new techniques that may be Stratavia's Data Palette suite or may be GridApp Systems Clarity, Insyncs reduces the amount of mundane, repetitive activities and give more focus on proactive activities , database architecture, deployment and more over performance .

    Databases are the backbones of all software applications. And for those databases, Our Insyncs Dedicated Consultants are available for our clients around the Globe. We start database Administration from storing, organizing, and managing. As per our Stakeholder’s needs we help them and make sure they operate efficiently, fine-tuning, upgrading, and testing

    We are also responsible for implementing security measures to safeguard our clients important data.

    We, at Insyncs , the time of database administration we keep in mind about logical storage structure and how it affect system performance and various database management operations.

    That may be creating any tablespaces , datafiles , and physically stored.

    Being in Information Technology Industry and basically when it comes to sensitive and important database management and Administration services, we understand and delivered the unique services to our clients that includes establishing the needs of users and monitoring user access and more over security , monitoring performance and managing parameters to provide fast query responses to front-end and End-users , mapping and designing database outline , refining and translating the data model with system storage , Writing database documentation which include data standards, procedures and definitions for the data dictionary (metadata) .

    Being a support and Database Administration company we make sure that all our activities performed by us make sure that a database is always available as needed with security, database monitoring and troubleshooting, and planning for future growth.

    Most of our Database Administrators are Professional Certified by Oracle that is Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) and Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA).

    Insyncs - Applications Development, Business Process Management, Consulting, Technology and Outsourcing.

    Geographic Information System

    Insyncs design Geographic Information System (GIS) to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of geographical data.

    Insyncs, Geoinformatics simplify and make cartography, statistical analysis, and computer science technology better and easier.

    Our GIS developed Products are either use for jurisdictional purpose or application-oriented, where as our spatial data infrastructure, does not have any boundaries for use and apply.

    Insyncs, GIS integrates all information system ,with stores, edits, analyzes, shares, and displays geographic information for informing decision making.

    Our GIS applications tools are allow end users to create interactive queries, analyze spatial information, edit data in maps, and present the results of all these operations.

    Insyncs, GIS describes different technologies, processes, and methods. Most of our applications are running in engineering, planning, management, transport and logistics, insurance, telecommunications, and business sectors.

    We help our clients on decision making by enabling services that rely on analysis, visualization and dissemination. We use the method of data creation is digitization , where we transformed hard copy map or survey plan is into a CAD program, and geo-referencing capabilities.

    Many of our GIS products gives freedom to software development kits (SDKs), programming languages and language support, scripting facilities and special interfaces for developing analytical tools .

    We create new space for business intelligence and spatial intelligence . All our Geospatial intelligence is based on GIS spatial analysis. We Process GIS through several methods of Data analysis, Topological modeling, Geometric Networks, Hydrological modeling . Cartographic modeling , Map overlay , Geostatistics , Interpolation .

    All our interpolative data are depends on some methods Like :Digital elevation models, triangulated irregular networks, edge-finding algorithms, Thiessen polygons, Fourier analysis, (weighted) moving averages, inverse distance weighting, kriging, spline, and trend surface analysis .

    Our Geocoding Services provides data like street addresses, ZIP Codes or any kind of data related to any local area on planet earth.

    Our Topographic maps show the shape of land surface with contour lines and also features of shaded relief.

    Our graphic techniques; shading based on altitude in a GIS can make relationships among map elements visible.

    We also use all new technologies including archeochrome for displaying spatial data. It is combo of thematic on a 3D map that is applied to a specific building or a part of a building.

    Our Spatial ETL Provides data processing functionality of traditional Extract, Transform, Load . They provide GIS users with the ability to translate data between different standards and proprietary formats, whilst geometrically transforming the data route.

    Our data mining on spatial defines partially automated search for hidden patterns in large databases, offers great potential benefits for applied GIS-based decision making.

    Our GIS Services also Provides location-based services, which allows GPS-enabled mobile devices .These services continue to develop with the increased integration of GPS functionality with increasingly powerful mobile electronics.

    We make sure that all our GIS technology allows all these different types of information on a single map.

    We follow data capture methodology to collect Data those are already in digital form, such as images taken by satellites and most tables, can simply be uploaded into GIS. Also we scan and convert Maps into digital information.

    We at Insyncs , Produce three-dimensional images, which are useful for example geologists.

    Through our GIS we help analyze spatially referenced data and make well informed decisions

    Our, GIS refers to both the software and hardware that make up the system of digital databases and layered maps. We provide applications including: Cartography and Emergency management , Environmental Sciences and Security , Forest and range management , Homeland security , Medicine and health care , Real estate development and appraisal , Social services , Transportation , Urban planning and development and also Water resources.

    Insyncs, GIS gives extra wings to: create maps , integrate information , visualize scenarios , present powerful ideas, and develop effective solutions.

    Our GIS services allows us to view, understand, question, interpret, and visualize data in many ways that reveal relationships, patterns, and trends in the form of maps, globes, reports, and charts.

    Insyncs, GIS technology can be integrated into any enterprise information system framework.

  • Software Testing

    Insyncs, Software Testing aim is to execute a program or system and finding errors. , We involves at evaluating an attribute or capability of a program or system. We Understand Testing is not just about debugging. Software testing is all about trade-off between budget, time and quality.

    Insyncs SDLC Spend more than 50% of the development time on testing. We conduct Testing To improve quality and Verification & Validation (V&V)

    Here at Insyncs, we understand testing is potentially endless. And we don't stop test till all the defects are unearthed and removed.

    Our Software testing is an investigation conducted to provide our stakeholders with information about the quality of the product or service. Software testing is a process of validating and verifying that meets the requirements that guided its design and development, works as expected, can be implemented with the same characteristics and lastly satisfies the needs of stakeholders.

    Insyncs primary purpose of testing is to detect software failures so that defects may be discovered and corrected.

    Our core scope of software testing includes examination of code as well as execution of that code in various environments and conditions as well as examining the aspects of code.

    With Insyncs we discover , Defects and Failures can be occurs due to non-functional requirements such as testability, scalability, maintainability, usability, performance, and security.

    We work with all Input combinations and preconditions fundamental testing that under all combinations of inputs and preconditions (initial state) is not feasible, even with a simple product.

    We Strongly believe Quality has three sets of factors: Functionality –which also known as Exterior Quality and its include Correctness, Reliability, Usability and Integrity, engineering, and adaptability.

    Engineering which is called Interior Quality and it include Efficiency, Testability , Documentation and Structure. Adaptability well known as Future Quality which include Flexibility, Reusability and Maintainability

    Insyncs, agree that testing is a challenging effort and requires significant time and cost, design for testability is also an important design rule for software development.

    Insyncs is expert in different testing methods like: Taxonomy, here we define testing techniques, with serving multiple purposes in different life cycle phases. Correctness testing helps our client to make a different from right behavior from the wrong one.

    Our Black-box testing focus on requirements-based testing for emphasized on executing the functions and examination of their input and output data. Our Black-box testing methods include: equivalence partitioning, boundary value analysis, all-pairs testing, state transition tables, decision table testing, fuzz testing, model-based testing, use case testing, exploratory testing and specification-based testing.

    White-box testing , Insyncs make sure that Tester must visible to the structure and flow of the software . We also call White-box testing as glass-box testing, logic-driven testing or design-based testing . Various of Techniques used in white-box testing include: API testing (application programming interface), Code coverage , Fault injection methods , Mutation testing methods and Static testing methods

    Through Performance Testing, Insyncs make sure software should not take infinite time or infinite resource to execute.

    Our goal through Performance Testing is to performance bottleneck identification, performance comparison and evaluation.
    Reliability Testing of Insyncs provides , primary goal of testing should be to measure the dependability of tested software.

    Our Stress testing indicates and test the whole system rather than the software alone. Software or system are exercised with or beyond the specified limits. Normally Stress includes resource exhaustion, bursts of activities, and sustained high loads.

    Security Testing of Insyncs make sure that Software quality, reliability and security are tightly coupled.
    Our outstanding Automation Testing cut down time and cost.

    Insyncs do static testing where more focus given to Reviews, walk thorough, or inspections , and on the other side of dynamic we start testing before the program is 100% complete in order to test particular sections of code and are applied to discrete functions or modules. Our Static testing involves verification whereas dynamic testing involves validation.

    We widely use Visual testing to provide developers with the ability to examine. Our Ad hoc Testing and Exploratory Testing are important methodologies for checking software integrity, as they require less preparation time to implement.

    Through our Grey-box testing , We involves internal data structures and algorithms for purposes of designing tests, while executing those tests at the user, or black-box level.

    We Also conduct Unit testing, which also known as component testing, to tests that verify the functionality of a specific section of code, usually at the function level.
    Integration Testing of Insyncs verify the interfaces between components against a software design.

    Our System Testing completely an integrated system to verify that it meets its requirements.

    Insyncs conduct Several Types of Tastings those include : Installation testing by what An installation test assures that the system is installed correctly and working at actual customer's hardware.

    Compatibility Testing of Insyncs make sure to find out common cause of software failure that may be lack of its compatibility , application software, operating systems , target environments , Our Sanity testing determines whether it is reasonable to proceed with further testing, where as our Smoke testing is used to determine whether there are serious problems with a piece of software.

    We Conduct Regression Testing to find defects after a major code change has occurred. Alpha Testing of Insyncs provides actual operational testing by potential users/customers. Insyncs also do Beta testing just after Alpha Testing and considered a form of external user acceptance testing.

    Our all Functional Testing refers to activities that verify a specific action or function of the code , and on the opposite side Non-functional testing refers to aspects of the software that may not be related to a specific function or user action.

    Our Destructive Testing, try to attempts the cause where software or a sub-system is fail.

    Our Load testing is only concerned with testing that the system can continue to operate under a specific load, whether that be large quantities of data or a large number of users.

    Usability Testing, we do to check if the user interface is easy to use and understand. It is concerned mainly with the use of the application.

    Our Accessibility Testing provides the compliance with standards.

    Time to time we also conduct Development testing to make sure that software development process that involves synchronized applications and defect prevention and detection strategies in order to reduce software development risks, time, and costs.

    Our Top-down and bottom-up Testing is an approach to integrated testing where the lowest level components that include modules, procedures, and functions are tested first, then integrated and used to facilitate the testing of higher level components.

    Our Simple Test Cycle start from Requirements analysis , Test planning , Test development , Test execution, Test reporting , Test result analysis , Defect Retesting, Regression testing and ends with Test Closure

    Testing objects we strictly follow those are : Test plan , Traceability matrix, Test case, Test script
    Test suite , Test fixture or test data , Test harness.

    All Our Test Professional are Certified.

    And we don't entertain any non-certification Professional in our totally test team of Insyncs .

    We have consultant from various background of Test Certifications those include : CAST, CMST, CTM, CSTE, CSTP , ISEB , ISTQB , CMSQ , CSQA, CSQE and CQIA    

  • Technology

    Being an Information Technology Services Company , Insyncs Provides various of IT Services to its clients around the World .
    Information Technology :

    • Software Development
    • Applications Development
    • Business Analysis
    • Web development
    • Database Management and Administration
    • Quality Testing
    • Project Implementation
    • Project Management
    • Business Process Management
    • Geographic Information System
    • BI & Data Warehousing
    • Infrastructure Management
    • Product Development
    • Security & Compliance
    • Content Management Solutions
    • Process Consulting Services
    • Cloud Computing
    • E-Commerce
    • Software Development Life Cycle     
  • Risk Management

    Insyncs Risk Management Provides identification, assessment, and prioritization of risks .
    We Understand Risks can come from uncertain markets, threats from project failures that include at any phase in design, development, production, or sustainment life-cycles, legal liabilities, credit risk, accidents, natural causes and disasters .

    Our Risk Management method is in the terms of project management, security, engineering, industrial processes, financial portfolios, actuarial assessments, or public health and safety.

    Our ideal risk management says, a prioritization of several process is followed whereby the risks with the greatest loss and the greatest probability of occurring.

    In practice the process of assessing overall risk can be difficult, and balancing resources used to moderate between risks with a high probability of occurrence.

    We help our Stakeholder to identify a new type of a risk that has a 100% probability of occurring but is ignored by the them due to various cause.
    Our Risk management always minimizes spending with minimizes the negative effects of risks. And we give more focus on resources spent on risk management could have been spent on more profitable activities.

    Our Method include to Identify and Characterize threats , Assess the weakness of critical assets to specific threats , Determine the Risk , Identify ways to reduce those risks , Prioritize risk

    Our basic Principles of Risk Management start and include Create Value , Integral part of Organization and Processes , Part of decision making process , Systematic and Structured , Transparent and Inclusive , Dynamic, Iterative and Responsive

    Insyncs Process of Risk Management Construing involves - Establishing the context, Identification ,Assessment , Composite Risk Index (Composite Risk Index = Impact of Risk event x Probability of Occurrence ) , Risk Options , Potential Risk Treatments, Risk Avoidance , Hazard Prevention , Risk Reduction Risk Sharing , Risk Retention , Create a Risk Management Plan , Implementation and at last Review and evaluation of the plan.

    Insyncs serves in the field of Risk Management in different domains specially in Corporate Finance, Operational Risk , Market Risk , Credit Risk .

    Enterprise Risk Management of Insyncs defines as a possible event or circumstance that can have negative influences on the enterprise .
    Insyncs Risk Management activities as applied to project management says how to Plan risk and managed in the particular project. Which include risk management tasks, responsibilities, activities and budget.

    Insyncs also provide consulting to all Megaprojects around the world which cost is more than US$1 billion per project.

    Any kind of Megaproject that might be Bridges, tunnels, highways, railways, airports, seaports, power plants, dams, wastewater projects, coastal flood protection schemes, oil and natural gas extraction projects, public buildings, information technology systems, aerospace projects, and defense systems.

    Our Risk Management is very particularly relevant for megaprojects and special methods . We also provide Consulting on Natural Disasters Risk Management that includes Floods or Earthquakes. Our Risk Management in Pharmaceutical Sector increase Pharmaceutical Quality Systems.

    These aspects include development, manufacturing, distribution, inspection, and submission with review processes throughout the lifecycle of drug substances, drug products, biological and biotechnological products .

    Our Risk management has designed to managing uncertainty and includes actions taken to – Identify , Assess , Monitor with Reduce the impact of risks.

    Our Risk Management Plan is to describes the potential risks , Contains an analysis of the impact of each risk and plan out Risk Strategies .

    Our Risk management always goal to help our Stakeholders to grow and avoiding hazards and shocks along the way.

    Insyncs - Applications Development, Business Process Management, Consulting, Technology and Outsourcing.

  • E- Commerce

    Currently E- Commerce is transforming buy and sell. Our E-commerce provides a fast and easy way to people to purchase things without having to visit the physical store.

    All our Insyncs, programs are designed to accommodate the sale of both physical and downloadable products.

    With Insyncs, Our Stakeholder’s businesses are quickly evolving to times of economic , offering steeper discounts, flat-rate shipping, loyalty programs, and other perks.

    Many of our client’s on e-commerce make it easy run for promotions and keep customers happy.
    We Provide the broad facilities to our E-Commerce client around the World that include Storage Space , Safety Protocols and Site Design.

    Our Electronic Commerce is flexible and our foundation of technologies designed and runs for mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, Internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange (EDI), inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems.

    Our Electronic Commerce services focus on sales aspect of e-business. Also it features exchange of data to facilitate the financing and payment aspects of business transactions.

    We Provide E-commerce Services that may be for E-tailing or "virtual storefronts" on websites with online catalogs , Buying or Selling on various websites , The gathering and use of demographic data , Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), the business-to-business exchange of data , E-mail and fax and their use as media for reaching customers , B2B- Business-to-business buying and selling and over all security of business transactions

    We at Insyncs , allows consumers to electronically exchange goods and services. Our main target and goal is to remove limitations between "conventional" and "electronic" commerce.

    Our B2B Services provides electronic commerce between businesses rather than between a business and a consumer. It deals with hundreds or even thousands of other businesses, either as customers or suppliers.

    Our client’s around the world are happy with us for our extra services which are really faster, cheaper and more convenient than the traditional methods of bartering goods and services.

    Our research and understand guidelines shows proper implementation an e-business plan for a successful with online store building.

    We develop and design software that use to customizable, turnkey solutions, Cost effective as well as to maintain an online store.

    We enables businesses to move from standalone transactional channels such as online, in-store or telephone to an integrated commerce solution where we make sure that customer at the center.

    Insyncs has experienced Electronic commerce operates in all four of the major market segment those are - business to business, business to consumer, consumer to consumer and consumer to business.

    Our E-Commerce tools has given wings to our Stakeholder’s in terms of accepting credit cards for commercial online sales , generating online advertising revenue , trading stock in an online brokerage account , driving information through intranet, driving manufacturing and distribution through a value chain with partners on an extra selling to consumers on a pay-per-download basis .

    Our Endeavor is to create an elegant and flexible base platform for eCommerce sites, where everything you need and nothing you don't.

    Insyncs - Applications Development, Business Process Management, Consulting, Technology and Outsourcing.

  • Infrastructure Management

    Insyncs Infrastructure Management services transfer our Client’s resources from low-value to high-value initiatives.

    Insyncs , Understand infrastructure management refers to operation components, such as policies, processes, equipment, data, human resources, and external contacts, for overall effectiveness.

    We make sure our client must get benefits our of our Infrastructure Management services and we always focus to Reduced IT infrastructure ownership costs , Optimized and enhanced IT service levels , Re-allocation of internal experts to strategic projects , More nimble responsiveness to technology and business change and more over Time and location transparency.

    Infrastructure management of Insyncs Provides services on systems management, network management, and storage management.

    We help our Stakeholders and provide solutions and make sure that Efficiently and cost-effectively manage highly scaled and complex IT environments , Quickly deploy and manage IT infrastructure related to SaaS , Proactively manage service that to be end-to-end across the IT supply chain , Increase data center efficiency.

    Insyncs, Infrastructure Management Services specialized in spanning Data Center, End User Computing, Networks, Managed Services, Cloud, Business Advisory and Global System Integration, Which helps our Stakeholder’s businesses across the globe to transform their vision to reality.

    Increasing the efficiency through cost optimization is the main objective of our outsourcing IT Infrastructure Management. Our services Practice and offers the entire enterprise infrastructure technology landscape of Enterprise Computing, End-User Computing, Enterprise Networking, Enterprise Security , Infrastructure Applications and virtualized infrastructure , Spontaneous tools , Elimination of change management errors , Improved fault resolution times , Common information shared by multiple departments , Automated , 100 % documentation , Real-time asset tracking with Power reporting tools.

    With Insyncs, our stakeholders are spending very less budget on their infrastructure, such as servers, operating systems, storage and networking. We help our client to prepare and challenging and exciting opportunities in the information technology field.

    Our IT Infrastructure Management service gives wings to achieve a more reliable and available global IT infrastructure , regain control , Get better service guarantees with the shift from Mean-Time-to-Repair (MTTR) to Actual-Time-to-Repair (TTR), and Free up in-house staff to focus on more strategic projects.

    Insyncs, Infrastructure management basics depends upon Quick reference , Monitoring , Network management, Remote administration, Scalable distribution infrastructure , Tivoli Management Framework, File repositories, Storage provisioning, Application management, Multi-Vendor Management, Centralized Management , Policy-Based Fault Management ,Automated Discovery, Custom Reporting.

    The core attributes that define Insyncs Infrastructure Management would be Automated patching , Infrastructure database , Integrated IP device discovery , Alarms and events , Integration with third party applications , Data sharing and ITIL Implementation.

    All our Infrastructure Management solutions integrate data via various means including API, ODBC, SNMP, Syslog, Email, and SMS.

    We put and combine all your servers and systems in one place that include Physical Infrastructure, Virtual , Private Cloud and Public Clouds

    As per our Client’s requirement, We also Improve Existing Infrastructure by Utilization of Pool and abstract datacenter resources that may be computer, network, and storage into dedicated private cloud fabric , Flexibly scale virtual and cloud resources up or down and lastly Reduce infrastructure costs with automated power management.

    We have been providing Infrastructure Management and support services to all our Clients in a wide range of services through a dedicated and specialized team of IT consultants , system administrators and support specialists .

    All Our Infrastructure Management models and software provides end-to-end visibility of activities starting from implementing network changes and managing infrastructure in all most all domains like : engineering, operations, financial tracking and procurement, and external suppliers .

    ITIL Implementation of Insyncs Including Service Desk , Configuration Management , Incident Management , Problem Management , Change Management , Release Management, Service Level Management , Availability Management , Capacity Management , Security Management , IT Service Continuity Management with all those Financial Management .

    Most of our IT Infrastructure Management consultants are MCITP, CCNA and ITIL Certified
  • Cloud Computing

    Insyncs, Cloud computing describe the variety of different types of computing concepts and their involve in a very large number of computers connected through a communication network such as the Internet.

    Our Cloud Computing has distributed over a network and means the ability to run a program on many connected computers at the same time.

    We provide marketing hosted services in the sense of application service provisioning that run client server software on a remote location.

    Insyncs, Cloud Computing has been sharing of resources to achieve coherence and economies. Our basic concept of cloud Computing is converged infrastructure and shared services.
    All Our Cloud resources are not only shared by multiple users but are also dynamically re-allocated as per demand.

    Our Cloud Computing provides to avoid upfront infrastructure costs, and focus on projects that differentiate their businesses instead of infrastructure. It allows enterprises to get their applications up and running faster, with improved manageability and less maintenance, and enables IT to more rapidly adjust resources to meet fluctuating and unpredictable business demand.

    Insyncs, Widely Provides cloud computing solutions on 'SaaS' (Software as a Service) where we deliver a single application through the browser to thousands of customers using a multitenant architecture, 'PaaS' (Platform as a Service), 'IaaS' (Infrastructure as a Service), 'HaaS' (Hardware as a Service) and finally 'EaaS' (Everything as a Service).

    Through our utility computing, we offer storage and virtual servers that IT can access on demand.

    The main motto of Insyncs Cloud Computing is to apply traditional supercomputing with high-performance computing power to the normal users .

    We shared IT infrastructure contains large pools of systems that are linked together and we make sure that all visualization techniques are used to maximize the power of cloud computing.

    All our small and medium size Stakeholders get benefits of our cloud computing services and currently driving adoption.

    Compare to Web-services integration and their very nature, cloud computing technology is much easier and quicker to integrate with our client’s enterprise applications and third-party or homegrown.

    Our Services offer much greater scalability, complete disaster recovery, and impressive up time numbers.

    Insyncs, Cloud computing technology allows on-the-fly, point-and-click customization and report generation for business users, so IT doesn’t spend half its time making minor changes and running reports.

    Our Services of Cloud Computing frees our Stakeholders from traditional software and its hidden costs, high failure rates, unacceptable risks, and protracted implementations.

    Insyncs, Cloud computing technology boasts all the benefits of multitenancy, including built-in security, reliability, upgradeability, and ease of use.

    All Our Cloud computing technology frees our client’s and give more time to focus on developing business applications that deliver true value to their business, By our Cloud Computing we allow much more efficient computing by centralizing data storage, processing and bandwidth.

    Insyncs , Cloud computing focus on three segments: "application" "storage" and "connectivity." Each segment serves a different purpose and offers different products for businesses and individuals around the Globe.

    Our Cloud services helps to improve IT capabilities without investing large amounts in new datacenters. Through it we help our client’s with much more efficient computing by centralizing storage, memory, processing and bandwidth.

    Our Public Cloud is dedicated to several organizations and their requirements and seek to share infrastructure so as to appliance.

    Through our Private Cloud Computing , Our client’s are enable to remote access the sensitive applications. The cloud-based resources are delivered to one platform, which providing high performance, security, and user experience.

    Insyncs, Gives more reliable and trust-able benefits to its clients, which include Automate deployment processes, Cloud Provisioning Solutions , Consistently manage security and access , Cloud Security and Access Solutions , Address capacity and performance concerns , Cloud Performance and Scalability Solutions , Tier to the cloud intelligently and Cloud Storage Solutions


    Call Centers

    Insyncs Provides centralized Call Center Services with purpose transmitting a large volume of requests by telephone.

    Insyncs Call Centre is operating an extensive open work space with an Agent or a Customer Support , high qualified technology that include a telephone and headset connected to CRM – Customer Relationship Management Software.

    Increasingly, the voice and data pathways into the centre are linked through a set of new technologies called computer telephony integration (CTI).

    Insyncs Call Centers divided and provides services as per Clients requirements.

    Our all Contact Centre has designed to Supports interaction with customers over a variety of media, which include through telephony, e-mail and internet chat.

    Insyncs , Inbound Call Centre responsible to perform Exclusively or predominantly handles inbound calls

    Our Outbound Call Centers are dedicated to generate revenues and increase sales of our Stakeholders.

    We Provide Outbound Call Center Services to telemarketing, solicitation of charitable or political donations, debt collection and market research.

    Our Blended Call Centre provides and makes automatic call distribution for all incoming calls.
  • Consulting

    • Business Analysis Consulting
    • Business Process Management
    • Change Management
    • Strategy Management Consulting
    • Risk Management
    • Pre Sales Consulting
    • Taxation Consulting
    • Professional Resource Management
    • Supply Chain Management

    Pre Sales Consulting

    Insyncs Pre-Sales assists the sales process by working with Stakeholders and make sure that they understand the software and consulting services.

    We conduct the Pre-Sales demos and explains the project flows in sales presentations.

    Our Pre-Sales has both technical and business expertise , We know how our Stakeholder’s products will be implemented in the market with all those business potential.

    We have been assisting the Stakeholder with various software for Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Master Data Management , Data Governance.

    Designing Solution Integration packages and Proof-of-Concepts (POC) are our core Strengths in Pre-Sales. We not only help our Clients to consider the Pre-Sales method which called “stock” demo that they normally see but we help them to find their exactly match and needs and data types. We help our Clients to find out their own strengths that may be data, people, and infrastructure . Our Pre-Sales process normally carried out before a customer is acquired . Typically we follow below stages in our Pre-Sales models :

    1. Contact.

    2. Lead / Suspect.

    3. Prospect / Opportunity.

    Our task starts from the initial contact phase and often ends once the customer is acquired i.e. sale is made. And in most of cases we provide some initial or transitional support post sale.

    We at Insyncs , Always feel our responsibilities being in Pre-Sales Market would be :

    1. Solution Preparation with Proposal based on our Stakeholder’s Requirements

    2. Product Demonstrations through Various Wireframes Models

    3. Proof of Concept Creation

    4. Creation of Marketing Documents

    Our role is to simplify Pre-Sales Process because the products and services are often heavily customizable and also because the requirements of different customers are often unique.

    We completely understands what our Client’s needs, develops an initial view of the solution , then tailors the product or service , explains this solution to the customer, helps close the deal or sale and often stays on to ensure that the delivery team or product specialists .

    For Example In CANADA and the UNITED STATES, real estate properties that are sold before construction or before construction is completed are referred to as Presales. These properties are known as off plan properties in the UK and AUSTRALIA.

    The basic Pre- Sales Model we follows : Product Marketing with a reasonable Pricing , Distribution , Service , Retail , Brand management , Brand licensing , Account-based marketing , Ethics , Effectiveness , Research , Segmentation , Strategy , Activation , Management , Dominance, Marketing Operations , Social Marketing , Identity

    We also follow Promotional Concepts which includes: Advertising , Branding , Underwriting Spot ,Direct Marketing , Personal sales , Product Placement , Publicity , Sales Promotion , Loyalty Marketing , Mobile Marketing , Premiums and Prizes.

    We use Promotional Media to archive our Stakeholders target in the process of Pre-Sales and those include : Printing , Publication , Broadcasting , Out-of-home advertising , Internet , Point of Sale ,Merchandise , Digital Marketing , In-game Advertising , Product Demonstration , Word-of-Mouth , Brand Ambassador , Drip Marketing and more over Visual Merchandising.

    Our Pre-Sales Support Provides our Stakeholders with the information they need to complete the solution. We channelized all resources from pre-sales to post-sales implementation and support.

    Our Pre-Sales Implementations Steps includes : Establish and Enhance Partner Relationship , Provide end to end Consultations and Technical Support , Deliver Business Solutions with Design Consultations , Initiate Joint Clients Activities , Pre-Sales Training , Project Documentation Support , Solution Design Consultation.

    Insyncs follows some tasks to Complete Pre-Sales Consulting those are : RFI (Request for Information), Study the Requirement, Prepare query sheet to understand requirements in better way, Building the team from different areas includes Technical architect, Domain Architect, Business Analyst , Legal, Project management and Finance etc. Our Pre-Sales document is always an Executive Summary that’s shows Solution Summary, Schedule, Objective, Scope, Proposed Technology Stack, Proposed Domain Solution, Proposed Technical Solution, Engagement Model , Execution Model, Proposed Project Deliverables, Project Plan includes Gantt Chart, Acceptance Criteria, Roles & Responsibility, Assumptions, Risk Management, Commercial Cost, pricing model, Change Control Process, Appendix and more over Case Studies.

    We have Pre-Sales Consultants on different Level that includes : Pre-Sales Engineers, Pre-Sales Support Consultants, and Pre-Sales Business Solution Professionals.

    We have been working for our various Clients in different domain that includes : Banking, Insurance, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Energy, Consumer Packaged Goods, Healthcare, Government, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Publishing, Food Service and Education.

    Business Analysis Consulting

    Insyncs Business Analysis consulting provides business needs and determining solutions to business problems.

    Our Solutions include systems development component, Process Improvement, Organizational Change , Strategic Planning with Policy Development.

    Our Enterprise Analysis gives a wide understanding the needs of the business as a whole, its strategic direction, and identifying initiatives that will allow a business to meet those strategic goals.

    Our Enterprise Analysis includes:- •Creating and maintaining the business architecture ,•Conducting feasibility studies ,•Identifying new business opportunities ,•Scoping and defining new business opportunities.•Preparing the business case ,•Conducting the initial risk assessment.

    Our Requirements Planning and Management shows planning the requirements throughout all development process, determining which requirements are the highest priority for implementation, and managing change.

    Through our Business Analysis we help our stakeholders to Elicitation and explain their requirements in the easy methods. We Describes techniques for collecting requirements from stakeholders in a project.

    Various Techniques we use like : Brainstorming , Document analysis , Focus group , Interface analysis ,Interviews , Requirement Workshops ,Prototyping ,Reverse Engineering ,Surveys ,User Task Analysis ,Process mapping ,Observation , Job Shadowing.

    We carefully observe and document our Stakeholder’s requirement to develop and specify requirements in enough detail to allow our client’s to be successfully implemented by a project team.

    Various methods of Requirement Documentation we follow like :

    Textual – We Specify and Summarize Specific Information

    Matrix – Here we provide a Table of Requirements with priorities.

    Diagrams – Our Requirement Diagram says how data flows from one structure to the other

    Wireframe - We are master of wireframe and it says How elements are required in a Stakeholder’s Project/s.

    Models – Our Technology 3-D models describes a character in a Program and on a client’s valuable Projects.

    Our Business analysis forms of methods are :Architecture analysis ,Business Process Analysis ,Object-Oriented Analysis , Structured Analysis ,Data Warehouse Analysis,Storage and Databases Analysis.

    Our Requirements Communication Process has made us unique in Information Technology Industry . We are ensuring that stakeholders have a shared understanding of the requirements and how they will be implemented.

    Our Solution Assessment and Validation proves how the business analysis Consulting can perform correctness of a proposed solution .It also supports the implementation of a solution and also assesses possible shortcomings in the implementation.

    We at Insyncs , we use a very generic business techniques to facilitate Business Change. Some of the External Environment which may affect our Stakeholder we observe closely and noted as : Political , Economic , Sociological ,Technological ,Legal and Environmental.

    Our Heptalysis Study Perform an in-depth analysis of early stage of our Stakeholder’s Projects All those Study includes : Market Opportunity , Product and their Solution , Execution Plan , Financial engine , Human Capital , Potential Return and more over Profit .

    Insyncs , Business Analysis Consulting based on attributes like :Mission and make sure business directions ,Objectives with a Concern Project goal ,Strategies for moving forward and last Tactics ,Plan strategies are put into action.

    We ,at Insyncs always try to find S.W.O.T. of each and every Stakeholder Projects with us .

    Strengths - By this attribute we find advantages of Project and the best-performing activities of our Stakeholder.

    Weaknesses – Here we try to find What is done badly and how it can be cure and improved.

    Opportunities - What good opportunities and where our Stakeholder’s Competitors are Performing poor.

    Threats – Here we shows our Stakeholder the obstacles they face.

    We help our Stakeholder to achieve their target. So we make sure that Business Perspectives shows the path for Proposed Solution .Our Business Perspectives for our Stakeholder includes :

    Customers - The most beneficiaries of the highest level business process.

    Actors – Here we find out the particular involvement with Project , Situation, Implementation and Deployment .

    Transformation Process - Migration and Up- gradation of Process for a better result .

    World View – We help our Stakholders to imagine and see the big picture and what are the wider impacts.

    Owner – Ownership and Accountability is our strengths .Here we process or situation being investigated for Solutions .

    Environmental Constraints - We find out the various constraints and limitations that will impact Our stakeholder’s valuable Projects/s

    Our WHYs are so important to us that we focus on :- Must have - Otherwise delivery will be a failure for a Project Should have - Otherwise will have to adopt a workaround , Could have – how to increase delivery satisfaction , Would like to have in the future - but won't have now .This technique is used when analyzing the expectations of multiple parties having different views of a system in which they all have an interest in common, but have different priorities and different responsibilities.

    Insyncs use various technique to analyzing the expectations of Stakeholder . Which includes: -Values - Constitute the Objectives of the Particular Project., Policies - Constraints that govern. , Events - Proceedings that stimulate activity. ,Content - the meaningful portion of the documents, conversations, messages, etc. , Trust - Between users of the system and their right to access with all needed change information.

    Our business analysis approach always shows path from high-level business strategy to the solution, that may be through the current state and the requirements. We go through Strategy , Current State , Requirements and Solution.

    Our Business Analysis Consulting is an important discipline in any IT project which include Eliciting requirements through Techniques, Documenting Requirements, Coordinating Entire Project.

    We understand this is the one and only Process which liaison between business, functional and technical stakeholders of a project.

    Our Key Areas of mastering Business Analysis Consulting would be : - Project Scoping - It includes Project Objectives, Business Cases and Key Issues., Methods and Approach – We shows and prepare the best document and manage requirements. ,Mentoring – More Focus on Work Constructively Challenge and improve the Process of the Project. , Workshop Facilitation – We give cent percent attention from Project Initiation to Project Reviews .,Process and Data Modeling- We build Business Models that fit with Our Stakeholder’s requirement. ,Risk Management - Expert in identifying project issues and risks and seeking prompt resolution.

    Insyncs Provides Business Analysis Consulting start with Pre-Project business analysis task , Initiation to solution implementation , Quality Assurance

    We offer Business Analysis Consulting through : Business Case Development , Enterprise Analysis , Business Requirements Elicitation and Documentation , Solution Requirements Definition , Commercial off the shelf (COTS) , Evaluation and Implementation , Technology Assessment and Roadmap , Business Process Analysis, Re-Engineering , Requirements Analysis , Solution Assessment and Validation , Requirements Management , Quality Assurance with all types of Business Analysis Competency Assessment.

    All Our Business Analysis Consultants are highly qualified and mostly Subject Matter Expert in Concern Industry and Domain. All Our Business Analysis Consultant are either IIBA – International Institute of Business Analysis Certified, or QAI Certified or BCS – British Computer Society Certified or ACS – Australian Computer Society Certified.
  • Applications Development

    Insyncs Develops Applications on the basis of computing platform , operating system, cloud computing and Web 2.0 applications.

    Insyncs Provided Applications Development solution on ASP.NET ,CSS , ColdFusion , Java EE , JavaScript , Perl , PHP , Ruby, including Ruby on Rails , Python ,Django ,HTML5 , Wt – Web toolkit , WebObjects ,Xojo , Drupal and PHP

    Insyncs applications are available in different versions for different platforms. For example, a GIS and GPS application for Windows, an Android application for and Entrainment and Education, or Linux for Gaming.

    Insyncs Business applications gives complete freedom and solutions on Microsoft Office, Libre Office and iWork, which has wide access to word processor, spreadsheet, etc.

    Enterprise Insyncs Application Software Provides organization's processes and data flow, across all departments with having accesses to a large environment. It includes financial systems, customer relationship management (CRM) systems , travel expense management and IT Helpdesk and supply chain management software).

    Enterprise infrastructure software by Insyncs provides common capabilities and support to entire enterprise software systems which includes databases, email servers, networks and systems management with high level of security

    Insyncs Information Application software are customized and provided manage information, that may be individual projects , Departmental Enterprise Management , time management, resource management, documentation tools, analytical with high level of collaborative.

    Insyncs Educational and Simulation Application software provides wide access to educators or students. For example, it may deliver evaluations, track progress, simulates physical or abstract systems for either research, training or entertainment purposes. These software are highly secure and Virus free by Insyncs Cloud computing systems and give our clients a state security and mind peace.

    Insyncs Media Application Development software are widely use in commercial international market which includes graphic-art software, desktop publishing software, multimedia development software, HTML editors, digital-animation editors, digital audio and video composition ect.

    Insyncs has experiences Product engineering software which has been using developing hardware and software products. That may be in the terms of computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided engineering (CAE), computer language editing and compiling tools, integrated development environments, and application programmer interfaces.

    Insyncs - Applications Development, Business Process Management, Consulting, Technology and Outsourcing.
  •  Business Process Management

    Insyncs Business Process Management (BPM) Services provides holistic management approach to its client’s business processes .

    Through our BPM services our client promotes business effectiveness and efficiency with innovation, flexibility, and integration technology.

    BPM Insyncs work continuously to improve processes. We see processes as strategic assets for our Clients and must be understood, managed, and improved to deliver value-added products and services. We completely depend upon Total Quality Management or Continuous Improvement Process methodologies.

    Generally, We Insyncs describe BPM as Our Stakeholder’s performance management through processes. Here we give more emphasis to our stakeholder’s activities which, by way of allocating on the processes, work towards reaching its objectives, which are both operational and progress-related. Secondly through Insyncs Process management, we give more attention to management activities of a given process which work towards reaching the objectives.

    Through our Business Process Management, We strengthen our Stakeholder’s Processes are efficient and effective, as this will result in a better and more cost efficient.

    Insyncs recognized BPM through Analyze, Re-design and model, Implement, Monitor, Manage and Testing.

    Our Business Process Management Software is developed for managing business processes with connecting people and applications.

    All our BPM Software are having excellent components on Social , Process , Rules , Portal , Forms , Analytics , Mobile , Content , Collaboration , Data Access , SOA and Integration.

    Insyncs Business Process Management services provides Business Process Management, Dynamic Case Management, High Volume Imaging, Strategic Business Planning and Modeling, Smart Process Applications, Reporting and Analytics

    With Insyncs, Business Process Management (BPM), we deliver improved business insight, higher process velocity, greater desired business impact through strategic planning, Testing, and optimization of processes.

    Business Process Management solutions are includes Support rapid design, deployment, and process improvement, Improve decision-making, Deliver smarter, process-based applications , Provide cost-effective deployment and over all Deliver a complete business transformation.

    Our BPM provides Agility, Intelligence, Scalable performance, Time-to-value and overall Technology leadership to our Client around the World.

    Our Business Process Management (BPM) is a way of looking at and then controlling the processes. We combine technical tools and management discipline to improve Process.

    Insyncs BPM gives ability to define, execute, manage and refine processes to our clients.

    BPM platform that provides tools for business analysts, IT to integrate with systems, joint teams to build applications, management to review process performance.

    Insyncs BPM platforms, gives facilities to everyone where each one can work on the same shared model.

    Our Business Process Management (BPM) software helps our Client’s to grow their business, increase profits, control risk, and maximize operational efficiency.

    Insyncs has been providing BPM Solutions on e-Commerce, e- Government, e-BPM, ERP, CRM, and ASP & SCM.

  • Change Management

    As they say: CHANGE IS THE UNCHANGEABLE LAW OF NATURE ……………And Insyncs trust on this…………

    Insyncs Change management is an approach to transitioning individuals, teams, and organizations to a desired future state.

    Our Change Management provides facilities in a structured approach in an organization for ensuring that changes are smoothly and successfully implemented to achieve the final goal.

    We understand due to the growth of technology, modern organizational change is largely motivated .

    We Strongly recommended change is a four-step process which start with 1. Recognizing the changes in the broader business environment. , 2 - Developing the necessary adjustments for their Stakeholder’s needs. , 3- Training employees on the appropriate changes and finally 4 -Winning the support of the employees with the persuasiveness of the appropriate adjustments.

    Our objectives, content, and process of changes are our specified part of Change Management plan.

    Our Change management processes always include creative marketing to enable communication between changing audiences, Understanding about leadership’s styles and group dynamics.

    It also aligns groups’ expectations, communicates, integrates teams and manages people training.

    Our Change Management makes use of performance metrics which include financial results, operational efficiency, leadership commitment, communication effectiveness .

    Organizational change directly affects all departments that may be entry level employee to senior management.

    Insyncs implements Change Management of the basis of :
    A -Levels, goals, and strategies ,
    B - Measurement system ,
    C- Sequence of steps and
    D- Implementation and organizational change
    Insyncs Change Management team consist a set of management, leadership, culture and development components.

    Insyncs, Successful Change Management happens because of:

    1. Benefits management and realization to define measurable stakeholder aims. , We work with Stakeholder to create a business case for their achievement.

    2. Our WH reasons and their required for Clients for the change like : - Why , What , When, Where , Who and How

    3. Provide personal counseling to improve any change .

    4. Monitoring of the implementation .

    Insyncs Change Management Principles are :

    A. We always involve and wait for the support from people within system which include environment, processes, culture, relationships, behaviours, etc

    B. We try to know and Understand where is our Stakeholder at this point of time in the market .

    C. We understand our clients needs and try to figure it out where our Stakeholder want to be, when, why, and what the measures they need to click their goals.

    D. Regular Communicate, involve, enable and facilitate involvement from people

    Insyncs Principles of Change Management includes :
    1. Address the “human side” systematically.
    2. Start at the top.
    3. Involve every layer.
    4. Make the formal case ,
    5. Create Ownership.
    6. Communicate ,
    7. Assess the Cultural Landscape
    8. Address Culture Explicitly
    9. Prepare for the unexpected ,
    10. Speak to the individual .

    Insyncs tools of change management includes:

    • Change management process

    • Readiness assessments

    • Communication and communication planning

    • Coaching and manager training for change management

    • Training and employee training development

    • Sponsor activities and sponsor roadmaps

    • Resistance management

    • Data collection, feedback analysis and corrective action

    • Celebrating and recognizing success

    Our Change Management Phases are :

    Phase 1 - Preparing for change (Preparation, assessment and strategy development)

    Phase 2 - Managing change (Detailed planning and change management implementation)

    Phase 3 - Reinforcing change (Data gathering, corrective action and recognition)

    Insyncs complete agree with John P Kotter's 'eight steps to successful Change Management which include : Increase Urgency , Build the guiding team or SME , Get the Vision Right , Communicate for Buy-in , Empower Action , Create Short-Term Wins , Don't let up and lastly Make Change Stick With Insyncs, Change Management is a realistic, achievable and measurable. These aspects are especially relevant to managing personal change.

    Most of our Change Management Consultants are APMG – International Change Management Certified .

  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

    Insyncs , Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a valuable strategy for its Stakeholders who are seeking new ways to achieve high performance by controlling costs, reducing risk, fostering collaboration and increasing transparency.

    Here at Insyncs, we subset of outsourcing that involves the contracting of the operations and responsibilities of specific business functions and processes .

    Insyncs Provides BPO Services on Back Office outsourcing - which includes internal business functions such as human resources or finance and accounting, and Front Office outsourcing - which includes customer-related services such as contact center services.

    Insyncs having its own Offshore Outsourcing station in INDIA as well as in all South Asian County

    Through Insyncs , Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) strategies, Our clients has been experienced great gains in efficiencies and cost savings.

    Some of Our BPO process includes - accounts payables, accounts receivables, and payroll.

    All our stakeholders love to work with us because of our outsourcing activities that involve core processes and competitive knowledge.

    Not only Front-end outsource but also our clients are happy with the backend outsource support like :
    market research, financial planning, business intelligence and risk management.

    We Provides .BPO services both on Information Technology as well as Information Technology Enable Services (Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) and legal process outsourcing (LPO) and RPO- Recruitment Process Outsource)     
  • Knowledge Process Outsource (KPO)

    Insyncs Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) describes the outsourcing of core information which based on business activities.

    We focus on advanced analytically and technical skills as well as a high degree of specialist expertise.

    Our KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) services include , All kinds of research and information gathering, e.g. intellectual property research for patent applications; equity research, business and market research, legal and medical services; training, consultancy, and research and development in fields such as pharmaceuticals and biotechnology; and animation and design.

    We at Insyncs, Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) are the allocation of relatively high-level tasks to an outside organization or a different group in a different geographic location.

    Our KPO is responsible for both risks and benefits, with find ways to avoid costly failures.

    Insyncs KPO always provide challenging and progressive positions for its Client who want to move into supervisory and monitoring roles.

    Our KPO offers a great opportunity to outsource analytical-intense processes which contribute to the development of new products, evaluate new markets and offer new services.

    Our KPO helps our Stakeholder’s to stay and organized which will succeed if the KPO strategy is used augment their services and performance .

    Insyncs adoption of KPO international standards for professional qualifications, improved access to a large pool of skilled and experienced professionals abroad, and improved remote project management capabilities due to improvements in telecommunications and other enabling technologies.

    Our KPO defined a high added value processes chain where the achievement of objectives is highly dependent on the skills, domain knowledge and experience .

    Our KPO is has been spreading on various fields like : Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) sectors and includes other sectors like Legal Processes, Intellectual Property and Patent related services, Engineering Services, Web Development application, CAD/CAM Applications, Business Research and Analytics, Legal Research, Clinical Research, Publishing, Market Research (Market research KPO ) etc.

    Insyncs understand and agree that KPO means demanding highly specialized skills and experience within a given sector.

    Our KPO cover and serve industries like - legal, financial services, management consulting and life sciences.

    Several KPO projects of Insyncs include data search, data integration, market research, fraud analytics, project management, remote education, research and development, radiology, medical transcript preparation and legal processes.

    Insyncs KPO is converting fixed costs into variable costs, providing flexibility for its clients to add or reduce personnel based on business cycles

    Recruitment Process Outsourcing - RPO

    Insyncs, Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a part of Business Process Outsourcing and here we transfers all or part of our Clients recruitment activities.

    The Insyncs, RPO provides and manage entire recruiting and hiring process from job profiling up to on-boarding of the new hire.

    It including staff, technology, method and reporting.

    We are so called responsible to increase the quality of the candidate pool, provide verifiable metrics, and reduce cost with compliance.

    Insyncs RPO Services Provides : Employment Marketing, Brand Creation , Candidate Sourcing , Screening , Interview Scheduling , Offer Administration , Verification and Pre-Employment Check , On-Boarding , On-Site Services , Reporting and Analysis and Exit Formalities.

    Our RPO Clients around the World get benefits like : Decreased time to hire , Improved fill rates , Increased quality of human resource , Reduced Back-Out with Compliant recruitment processes
  • Back Office

    Information Technology Enable Services - Back Office Operations :

    Insyncs ITes BPO Division Provides Inbound Mail Processing where we give focus on document preparation, conversion of mail to digital format at very high speed, extraction and validation.

    With our Forms Processing, we give processed a wide variety of client forms and allowed us to develop a highly efficient process flexible enough to meet individual requirements and adapt to industry changes.

    Our Account Payable Invoice Processing gives freedom on payable automation, managing both electronic and paper invoices for a guaranteed reduction of processing cost-per-invoice.

    Insyncs Backfile Conversion BPO Service gives scanning and converting client’s entire volume of paper documents to electronic images for storage in records and document management and archive applications.

    BPO Case Management of Insyncs gives our Clients control over all stages of the transaction that may be from initial contact to final resolution.

    Insyncs Mortgage Origination & Servicing BPO provides our clients with a fully hosted, secure, online software application for automating the mortgage process.

    Claims Processing BPO gives efficiencies by removing the requirement to deal with paper, manage back office tasks and handle customer exceptions in order to validate claims quickly and efficiently.
  • Globe


    Business Office:
    2356, Eglinton Ave. E,
    Suite # 303, Scarborough, M1k2p1,
    Toronto, ON, Canada

    Business Office:
    Insyncs Canada INC
    Suite# ph07, 666 St. James St.R3g3j6,
    Winnipeg, MB, Canada

    Global HeadQuarter :
    1745 Lynwood Place, Alpharetta,
    GA - 30004, USA

    Business Office:
    12500, Pindell Circle, Alpharetta,
    GA - 30004, USA

    Mexico City Av 5 de mayo 727 Col.
    Lomas de tarango
    Alvaro Obregon
    Mexico City

    Office Coming Soon @ World Trade Center
    San Salvador
    El Salvador


    11 Heinz Burt, Eastleigh, SO505GB, UK

    Palais Josephine Residence Adagio
    2A Boulevard du General de Gaulle
    06240 - Beausoleil

    Jelgavas iela 28—86, Olaine
    Olaines nov., LV-2114, Latvija

    Coming Soon

    Pcta João Vaz Corte Real
    Lt 170, 1-D, 2950-744
    Quinta do Anjo,Lisbon Area


    Insyncs, 1708/1,Sector- 39/B
    Chandigarh- 160036

    Hyderabad :
    Business Office:
    # 6-3-160/4, Premnagar ,
    Banjara Hills,Road No.1,
    Hyderabad - 500004

    Unit 7/9, 7th Floor, Menara Mutiara Majestic,
    No. 15, Jalan Othman,
    46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor,
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    P.O.Box No. 37296
    East Riffa, Manama,Bahrain


    Avenida Juca Batista, 1490/51
    Zip Code: 91770-000
    Porto Alegre,
    Rio Grande do Sul

    De Los Rosales N46-152
    y De Los Madroños, Quito
    EC170125, Ecuador


    P.O BOX AS38

    3433 , Andorra Crescent,
    Cosmo City – EXN -3,
    Northriding - 2188
    South Africa


    Coming Soon -
    Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.....Offices

    Coming Soon
    New Zealand

  • The Team

    Insyncs, We would love to say that it is really and only the people who make a company

    A Founder just creates the foundation of a Company where the rest of the building builds by Employees.

    Employees play a very vital role in image and brand building of Insyncs.

    The work they do, the word of mouth which goes viral in the market, both play an important role in creating and maintaining positive or negative image of a company and its products in the market.

    Our Team around the World is united under one roof : Insyncs.



    Insyncs, is a place of several Celebrations and Events.............

    Insyncs is Celebrating Birthday.

    27th December 2013, Insyncs is celebrating its 6th Year Birthday in Business World.

    Parties and Celebrations are going on at Insyncs Offices Around the GLOBE ........So Please Join with us.....
  • Investors

    INVESTORS are most well come to invest their capital with Insyncs in Worldwide Investment Market.

    We at Insyncs, More than Capital, we win and increase our Stakeholder’s /Investor’s Trust and Investments.

    Currently, Insyncs is looking for active Investors or Business Partner in Australasia and Europe Continent.

    Please join your hands and be a Global Investor with Insyncs.

    Reach Us : reach@insyncs.com

  • Clients/Stakeholders


    • Micronisers,CANADA
    • Myrna,CANADA
    • Nufarm,CANADA
    • Rexol,CANADA
    • Van-Eyk,CANADA
    • Buildright,CANADA
    • Darkhorse,CANADA
    • Devons ,CANADA
    • Katerbay,CANADA
    • Naft Business,CANADA
    • Enhanced Security,CANADA
    • Diza World,USA
    • Hillmaster,USA
    • Impex Genius,USA
    • Keystone INC,USA
    • Kiklan,USA
    • Kontoret,USA
    • Oakridge, USA
    • Alkermes,USA
    • Abridge-Info,USA
    • Sensata,USA
    • CHEP,USA
    • New-Wave Taxes,USA
    • Sallie Mae,USA
    • Tuesday Morning,USA

    • On-Trackz,BRAZIL
    • Imation,BRAZIL
    • Incentive Premiums,BRAZIL
    • Interactiva,BRAZIL
    • Stonebaum,ECUADOR
    • Magic Whiteboards,ECUADOR
    • Avolus,ECUADOR

    • Isolate Extraction, SOUTH AFRICA
    • Marquest , SOUTH AFRICA
    • Renewable Agricultural , SOUTH AFRICA
    • Sierra Neuro, SOUTH AFRICA
    • Ultimate Landscape , SOUTH AFRICA
    • Alphatec Business , SOUTH AFRICA
    • Vitasken, GHANA
    • Wiens, GHANA
    • Agric International, GHANA

    • Votrecity-Monaco,FRANCE
    • Arista ,FRANCE
    • Autoglow,FRANCE
    • Axieo,FRANCE
    • Boron,FRANCE
    • Fesco,FRANCE
    • Enirgi,FRANCE
    • Esprit,FRANCE
    • Excelplas,LATVIA
    • Xddinger,LATVIA
    • Fresche Bio,PORTUGAL
    • Fumapest,PORTUGAL
    • Houghton,PORTUGAL
    • Videocraft,PORTUGAL

    • Bisco Cables,INDIA
    • Chandigarh Tourism,INDIA
    • CloudLync,INDIA
    • Dictamorph,INDIA
    • SCS College,INDIA
    • New-Wave Taxes,INDIA
    • Justa Hospitality,INDIA
    • Odisha Tourism,INDIA
    • North-East Telecom,INDIA
    • Amurru, INDIA
    • Autotrans,INDIA
    • Babyusb,INDIA
    • Bethel,INDIA
    • Boardmans, INDIA
    • Progressive Facilities, INDIA
    • Traconsult, MALAYSIA
    • Silver Wave, MALAYSIA
    • Spicers,MALAYSIA
    • Stationery Trade,MALAYSIA
    • Transtech, MALAYSIA
    • Weimani, MALAYSIA
    • Essnad,OMAN

    • Apollo Plating, AUSTRALIA
    • Articulate, AUSTRALIA
    • Impact Medi-Claim, AUSTRALIA
    • Amazing Ventures , AUSTRALIA
    • Beaumont Fertility, AUSTRALIA
    • Grandview Afterlife, AUSTRALIA
    • Genassist ,NEW ZEALAND
    • Great Divide ,NEW ZEALAND
    • Hamilton,NEW ZEALAND
    • Ingenuity ,NEW ZEALAND
    • Body-Wise Toxic,NEW ZEALAND
    • Harvard Medical,NEW ZEALAND

  • Staff Augmentation

    Insyncs Staff augmentation is an outsourcing strategy which provides solutions to the human resource department of our clients around the world. It is used to staff a project and respond to business objectives.

    We use the technique of evaluating the existing staff and after that determine those additional skills are required.

    We maximize the approach that gives more leverage to existing resources as well as utilize outsourced services and contract workers.

    The main target of Insyncs is to exercise and handle staffing requirements with an existing set of talent.

    Our motto is being Staff Augmentation Industry is to reduce abundance of IT resources, declining rates, and narrowing margins for our clients around the GLOBE.

    One of other Services of our Staff Augmentation is Staffing . Here We, Simple get the requirements and vacancies from our Clients and support with Resumes . We start from Source , Screen and make sure that our client get best resources out of market . We do staffing for all kind of Position that may be : Only Contract, Contract to hire , Full- time and Permanent .

  • Strategy Management Consulting

    Insyncs Strategic Management has define to set a target to determine mission, vision, values, goals, objectives, roles and responsibilities, timelines, etc.

    Basic Principles of Insyncs Strategic Management - How organisations use strategic management , Strategic management with their theories and processes , How to apply different Model and their use , search for the Potential strategic positions for organisations , Scanning, monitoring and analysing industries and markets for signs of strategic shift .

    Insyncs Strategic Management consists of the analysis, decisions, and actions an organization undertakes in order to create and sustain competitive advantages.

    Insyncs Strategic Management provides solutions taken by Stakeholders involving resources and performance in internal and external environments.

    Our Strategic Management is a level of managerial activity below setting goals and above tactics.

    We Provides overall direction to the enterprise and is closely related to the field of Organization Studies.

    All our Strategic Management not static its always dynamic and changeable and Ongoing process.

    Our Strategy is to meet changed circumstances, new technology, new competitors, new economic environment.

    Through our Strategic Management , we define identification of the purpose of the organisation and the plans and actions to achieve the purpose.

    Our Strategy Management formation is a combination of three main processes that includes – Performing - Self-evaluation and competitor analysis - both internal and external - both micro-environmental and macro-environment Synchronized with assessment that may be short or Long - term objectives Implementation plans

    Our Suitability include –

    •Strategy Management should address the mission Strategy Management should say organization's capabilities.

    •Strategy Management should make economic sense Our basic Evaluation tools include strength, weakness, opportunity, threat (SWOT) analysis.

    Our Feasibility Strategy Management include capital, people, time, market access and expertise. It also shows cash flow analysis and forecasting , break-even analysis and at last resource deployment analysis.

    Our Strategic Implementation and Control involves organizing, resourcing and employing change management procedures.

    Insyncs Organizing Strategy Management normally changes and create new units, merging existing ones or even switching from a geographical structure to a functional one or vice versa.

    Our Strategic Management start with the process which we break into multiple smaller changes, with ongoing review enabling more rapid adjustments to the original plan.

    Our Strategic Management based on Organizational approach where we give more focus on economic theory and deals with issues such as competition, resource allocation and economies of scale and try to find out rationality and targets profit maximization. Where as at our Sociological Approach shows the primarily with human interactions and assumes bounded rationality, satisficing behaviour and lower profits.

    Our Strategic management is very transparency and cane be viewed as bottom-up, top-down, or collaborative. It can occur at corporate, business, functional and operational levels.

    Our Corporate Strategy Management is responsible to "which businesses should we be in?" and "how does being in these businesses create synergy and/or add to the competitive advantage of the corporation as a whole?" where as Our Business strategy is the corporate strategy of single firm or a strategic business unit (SBU) in a diversified corporation.

    Insyncs Functional Strategies are specific to a functional area, such as marketing, product development, human resources, finance, legal, supply-chain and information technology.


    Professional Resource Management

    Coming Soon...........................
  • Supply Chain Management

    Insyncs Supply Chain Management (SCM) manage flow of goods which includes the movement and storage of raw materials, work-in-process inventory, and finished goods from point of origin to destination.

    All our SCM has been defined and design, planning, execution, control, and monitoring of supply chain activities.

    Our SCM operate from operations management, logistics, procurement, and information technology with a strive for an integrated approach.

    Our Supply Chain Management start with a proper planning and management of all activities includes - Sourcing, Procurement, Conversion, and Logistics Management.

    Our Supply Chain Management Software Provides execution of supply chain transactions, manage supplier relationships, and control associated business processes.

    Insyncs , Supply Chain Management is based on Practically every product that reaches an end user and supply chains existed for a long time.

    We at our Supply Chain Management, focus on active management of supply chain which has to maximize customer value and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

    Our Supply Chain activities start from product development, sourcing, production, and logistics, as well as the information systems needed to coordinate .

    Our SCM t involves forecasting, resource allocation, production planning, flow and process management, inventory management, customer delivery, after-sales support and service.

    Our basic components of Supply Chain Management are : Plan , Source , Make , Deliver , and Return


    Taxation Consulting

    Insyncs taxation consulting...............Coming Soon...................
  • Outsourcing

    • Business Process Outsource
    • Knowledge Process Outsource
    • Recruitment Process Outsource
    • Staff Augmentation -Professional Staffing ( IT & IT-es)
    • Call Centers
    • Back Office - Information Technology Enable Services
    • Legal Process Outsource


    Insyncs has been serving clients across all Industries.

    The Industries Details will be display soon here: 


    Insyncs has been serving BLOG across all REKS.

    The BLOG Details will be display soon here: 


    For All open position with Insyncs, Please visit below links:




    Business Partner

    INSYNCS agrees and understand a Business Partner is a commercial entity with which another commercial entity has alliance.

    We always seek and open for CORPORATE TIE up with various corporations around the GLOBE via MOU and Legal Process.

    As if now we are working on more than 25 Industries Domain and Providing below services

    Please send your details : reach@insyncs.com

    • Software Development Life Cycle SDLC
    • Applications Development
    • Web Development
    • Database Management and Administration
    • Business Intelligence
    • Geographic Information System
    • Infrastructure Management
    • E-Commerce
    • Cloud Computing
    • Quality Testing

    • Business Analysis Consulting
    • Business Process Management (BPM)
    • Change Management
    • Strategy Management Consulting
    • Risk Management
    • Pre-Sales Consulting
    • Supply Change Management
    • Workforce Management
    • Taxation Consulting
    • Web Digital Marketing

    • Business Process Outsource (BPO)
    • Knowledge Process Outsource (KPO)
    • Recruitment Process Outsource (RPO)
    • Staff Augmentation
    • Call Centers
    • Back Office - Information Technology Enable Services
    • Legal Process Outsource (LPO)
    • Resume Writing - Preparation
    • Background Verification

    WE WORK 24/7*365 DAYS.

  • Employees

    Insyncs understands and agree that our employees are our core strength.

    Feel Free to bring your issues and concern.
    Or you can contact with your concern Project Manager and Human Resource as per your issues.

    Visa, Immigration and Relocation Etc. ,Salary and Benefits Etc , Documents (Salary Slip, offer Letter, Reliving Letter, References Letter, HR letter) with concern SUBJECT to : reach@insyncs.com



    For Software Products Details Please click below Link:
    WWW.SESEIN.COM ( An Insyncs Company)
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